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UCDS v.5 адаптер для диагностики FORD. c лицензиями ODO и EXT на 1 год ( Для пользования зарубежом)
UCDS v.5 адаптер для диагностики FORD.  c лицензиями ODO...

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    26 000RUB руб.


UCDS v.5 adapter for FORD diagnostics

The diagnostic adapter from the Universal Diagnostic System Can (UCDS) hardware and software complex is manufactured on a standard printed circuit board using modern high-speed electronic components. The printed circuit board with the necessary controls and control lamps is mounted in a standard plastic mini-box. Connecting to a personal computer via WiFi and with pre-installed drivers and software of the specified complex and an OBD-II connector for connecting to the diagnostic interface of the car.

The main differences of the new UCDS-V5 from the old versions:

  • Support CAN FD independently by three buses and hardware support LIN, K\L-line.
  • Work wirelessly with two types of connection (Computer to adapter and adapter to network).
  • Support for Bosch ECU modules in "Stand mode" and PCMFlash.
  • to produce Russification of standard audio modules manufactured by SONY;
  • other (the list of possibilities is constantly expanding).

Control lamps allow you to visually determine, depending on the mode of operation of the adapter, its current state, the availability of power, the process currently taking place (reading / writing data) and other indicators.

Software. Main features.

The UCDS hardware-software complex provides the user with the opportunity to: 

  • to diagnose most of the components and components of the vehicle connected to the central electrical module (GEM, BCMii) via the data bus (CAN); 
  • receive data on modules and components installed in the vehicle, incl. their catalog number, calibration version, serial number;
  • make changes both to the central configuration of the vehicle and, if necessary, change the configuration of individual modules and components of the vehicle;
  • update the calibrations (firmware) of individual modules and components of the car, including the engine (the so-called chip tuning); 
  • upgrade (replace) the software of the door modules to activate the function of automatic folding of the exterior rear-view mirrors when the vehicle is armed. 

The software consists of USB-serial serial bus drivers (FTDI drivers are recommended) installed on the PC for correct pairing of the PC and vehicle data buses, and the UCDS software interface itself. 

The UCDS software interface has a main window for selecting the operating mode: selecting a vehicle type or selecting a service mode for updating the adapter firmware, updating or selecting the firmware of various audio modules, and performing other service functions.


Support J2534 (Pass-Thru) protocol, which allows you to use the adapter in third-party programs such as Ford ETIS Java Online, PCMFlash, FORScan, etc.

  • Modified Convers+ Dashboard Firmware by Motral 
  • Reset to "0" Set mileage on dashboards of Ford Focus 2, Ford Mondeo 4\S-Max\Galaxy, Ford Focus 3\Kuga and other cars 
  • Adding the function of auto-folding mirrors when arming for Ford Focus 2 (2008>..), Ford Kuga, C-Max 
  • Read\Change the central configuration of Ford Mondeo 4\S-Max\Galaxy, Ford Focus 3\Kuga 2\Fiesta\EcoSport 
  • Saving backup copies of the central configuration of cars Ford Mondeo 4\S-Max\Galaxy, Ford Focus 3

Licenses for working with the adapter can also be purchased in our store for a period of 1/6/12 months:

  • The ODO license — for performing functions to reset mileage, as well as all the functionality for which level 1 tokens were previously written off.
    1 month / 6 months / 1 year – 15EUR / 40EUR / 60EUR
  • ADDITIONAL license — the principle is similar to the previously extended license (Extended License)
    1 month / 6 months / 1 year – ——- / 60EUR / 90EUR
  • PATS license — that provides access to PATS functions (working with Ford car keys). It is important to cancel that in the future this license can be activated for a shorter period.
  • Old adapters at the hardware level do not support full functionality, a comparison table with the old versions is below.
    1 week / 1 month / 6 months / 1 year – 20EUR / 30EUR /90EUR / 150EUR
  • Adapter with ODO and EXT licenses for 6 months each – 275EUR
  • Adapter with ODO and EXT licenses for 1 year each – 300EUR

Price adapter without any licenses – 210EUR

Made in Russia, St. Petersburg.

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